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In 1925, the  International Co-operative  Alliance has adopted the beautiful seven colored pattern of the Rainbow horizontal strips as its International Flag, the Flag of Co-operation, progress and peace.  The Flag has seven colors. They  are: Voilet, Indigo,  Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red – the colors of Rainbow.

Rainbow is regarded as an  auspicious omen,
Farmers see the Rainbow and Start ploughing their fields,
They read in it the  message about rains to come,
It is thus a symbol of  hope, a harbinger of peace.

Men see co-operation  in its multi-colored pattern, each color blending  with the other to make  one harmonious  whole and ultimately all pervading harmony- unity in Diversity.

The seven hues of the Rainbow when blended together  reunite to present pure unstained white effulgence. Thus it stands for purity, truth and righteousness.

It  symbolizes the aims and ideals of  the cooperative movement. Like  the Rainbow, Co-operation brings hope to the depressed, achieves harmony among diverse interests and offers the promise  of an ultimate and universal peace.

Co-operator by their own effort, inspired by a sense of fraternity, equity and love  of the social justice, strive to remedy the past and create a new economic system – a system in which capital  plays  the role  of servant   instead of master, the object  of production is  organised self – help  instead of profit and human dignity is given the pride of place  for  achieving a more equitable  and efficient economy,  better social adjustment and a more balance  system of democracy.

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