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Bank has introduced  facilities of SMS  Banking and remission of Statement of Accounts  to registered e-mails  to all our esteemed customers with effect from 19-04-2012.  The following  facilities  are available.

  1. Customers will get information of transactions on  their accounts  on their mobile phone.
  2. To avail  of all the above facilities customer should  register his/her  Mobile Phone Number  and E-mail address in a prescribed  form of application  presenting  it in person to the corresponding branch. The prescribed  form of application  is available here on website which can be  down loaded.
  3. Customer will get statement of his Accounts Daily/Weekly/Monthly/ Quarterly/Six Monthly by E-mail automatically according to his request.




Bank has it’s  own cheque book  printing machine and therefore on receipt of cheque book requisition  from  account holder, bank  prints cheqe book mentioning account holder’s Name, account number on cheque itself. Bank is compliant  of CTS- 2010  cheque books  and with effect from 01-04-2013  all banks  have been asked to use only such cheque  books by RBI.

Facility of Crediting any Govt. subsidy based on Adhar Card to customers Savings/Current A/c has been started with effect from 14.02.2014. All Savings/Current A/c holders are requested to apply for the facility in the prescribed form which can be downloaded from here. Contact our Branches.


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